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The Female H.E.R.D.


Hello, my name is Dr. Tyra !! Nice to meet you and thank you for popping in to check us out!

I am an Elephant Enthusiast, and it is seen in ALL aspects of my personal and professional life.  

You might be asking, "why elephants?"  I claimed them - or maybe they claimed me when I was in middle school.  As young girls, we tend to gravitate to something that will set us apart.  Little did I know that they would help me not only shape my personal philosophies but my professional life as well.  

In 2020 I started an elephant jewelry & card company called, elePHRAMEd!  Primarily because as I wore my elephant jewelry I would get asked where I got it - so, I quickly decided to say, "It is my collection" and the "PHRAME" part is the fact that I was posting positive and encouraging quotes on social media for years and finally put them on postcards. Plus, they are suitable for mailing THEN PHraming!!!  

In addition to loving elephants, I love the Entrepreneurial spirit, especially the spirit of the Female Entrepreneur.

Is that you?

If you are anything like me, you found that it comes with a struggle - I got into the jewelry & greeting card business because that is what I loved doing: wearing and sharing elephants 


what I do NOT like are ALL of the other things that come along with being a business owner!!!  


That was how The Female H.E.R.D. came to life!!! 

We are kicked off with the "Little Black Dress" Networking Event Feb 2023. 

We got dressed up and celebrated each other.  

That is what our networking events will be focused on, women in business. 

We will have action- oriented activities and you leave with business contacts but some business nuggets, too. 

Join the H.E.R.D. today - - 

Upcoming Events

Christmas in JULY
Christmas in JULY
Jul 25, 2023, 6:00 PM – 8:30 PM
4424 S Main St, Acworth, GA 30101, USA

Why "The HERD"?

The Female H.E.R.D. was created to fill the gap for other Female Entrepreneurs. The HERD is for all of the women that went into business for the usual reasons:  set their own schedule, earn extra money for their household, earn their own money, earn and get their worth, do what they loved doing, or finally fill that childhood dream. Whether it was baking, sewing, crafting, coaching, selling, creating, destroying, building, flipping, content, writing, singing, and so on! 

As young girls, we were told to dream and dream big, we were told there was nothing that we could NOT do, we are encouraged to get an education, have a family but don't lose yourself in the process. Then life starts talking to us as well.

The messages are new, they are mixed, and they are confusing.  

If you add a new business into the mix - life takes on a whole NEW set of problems.  


I did what I was supposed to, I went to college and earned not just one, but three degrees.  I was in the college system in Student Affairs for 20 years.  Then I was "RIF"ed or reduced in force/laid off and then it was time to back up, re-group and finally TAKE OFF!!!   


I jumped into a variety of different things and hit the "networking" scene.  The business associations, the Morning Coffee n' Conversations, Alive After 5's, women's groups and more.... 

My realization was that aside from countless hours meeting, mingling and making new contacts - aside from the $25 for lunch, I did not have much of the notorious ROI or return on investment.  


There had to be a better way to be with others like you but also use that time to make positive, obtainable and achievable improvements on our businesses.   


The Female H.E.R.D.


The Female H.E.R.D. addresses YOUR needs as a female entrepreneur or small business owner.

At The HERD events, come prepared to listen, learn & leave.  

Utilize this group as your:

  • sounding boards, 

  • ad creators, 

  • encouragers,

  • nay-sayers,

  • guides, 

  • past experience gages,

  • to help solve problems and

  • even to circumvent other problems. 

This process will allow you to keep focused, remain on target and G-R-O-W.

You will be pushed past your limits, we will cheer your accomplishments and motivate you to the next level as you are able to focus on YOUR passions all while you serve as a Board of Executioner for others. 

This is designed as a give & take because this is what women do

  - help, serve and give to others.



These TIPS are the center to everything

that The Female H.E.R.D. focuses on -
how you think, the impression you make,

what you earn/save/spend/share and relishing

in the ones that go THROUGH the rough terrain

to get to the watering hole!!  
We have to celebrate each other

but we also have to learn to focus
on what we are good at while helping and

protecting all family members.


Make a HUGE Impression

Don't Work for Peanuts

Savor Those Around the Trough

Get Dr. Tyra 


Mindsent & Motivation Coaching

You listen to yourself more than ANYONE else - you need to make sure you are providing the most optimistic & positive message possible.  I am not the one to tell you that it is alwasy easy but it is managable and YOU are capable of so much - so, take advantage of your power!